straight forward health and safty advice 
People suffering from certain infections can spread the infection to other people through the food Generally, those working in food areas must complete a food-handlers questionnaire, before commencing employment. They may also be required to complete a medical disclaimer on return to work after illness, injury or a holiday abroad. No person suffering from food poisoning or a stomach upset or an infectious disease likely to be transmitted by food is allowed to work in a food storage, production or serving area. If you become aware that you may be suffering from or be a carrier of Typhoid; Paratyphoid; Salmonella infection; Dysentery or Staphylococcal infection,  you must inform your supervisor and must not work. You must also report any of the following conditions to your supervisor: colds and sore throats. discharges from the ear, eyes, nose, throat and chest. persistent or recurring skin conditions e.g. dermatitis or eczema septic cuts or sores, boils or whitlows. Diarrhoea or vomiting. Blepharitis or conjunctivitis. Your Doctor will be required to declare that you are medically fit before you are allowed to return to work.
Food hygeine